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Mark Leutkemeyer, M.D.
Practicing Physician at an Indiana Based Adult Academic Health Center

I am very impressed with the service and quality the Death Certification Company provides.  We started services in June 2021 and have very positive feedback from our physicians, physician offices, inpatient units, and families.  We are able to free up some of the non-clinical burden for our providers and saved hours of phone calls and follow up in our physician offices on a weekly basis.  Being able to assign a consistent person for all our inpatient death certifications has greatly simplified and reduced the burden of work done to get these certifications to the right provider.  Escalations to the CMO office for rework, funeral home inquiries, and family concerns have been significantly reduced since we started these services.  Our quality and timeliness of completion of these records is improved and is showing to be a valuable investment that provides a great benefit to our patients and families.

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