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Death Certification Company

Mission: Serving the community through timely and accurate death certification.

We serve and contract with hospital systems to certify inpatient and outpatient deaths.

Receiving an accurate death certificate is vital for family members to have closure and make financial and funeral arrangements. A delay in this certification places undue hardship on families during this difficult time. DCC delivers accurate death certification in a timely fashion. 

By assuming this task, DCC helps physicians to focus on patient care.  Death certificates also provide important epidemiological data regarding public health threats and disparities.

Death Certification

A surprisingly complicated process...

Hospital morgue

Non-natural deaths

Determining if a patient's death meets criteria for the medical examiner/coroner jurisdiction. Cases mistakenly signed as natural can result in delays, or worse, law enforcement may not be appropriately notified in select cases.

Finding a Certifier

The death certificate not only provides closure to families, but is often required for families to commence funeral proceedings as well as access insurance, benefits, and accounts.

Pronouncing physician
Death certificate


Death certificates provide critical epidemiological data that help guide policies and alert agencies to public health threats.

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